Anime Review: Nerima Daikon Brothers Review

Hideki, leader of the Nerima Daikon Brothers, has a dream to build a dome in his hometown of Nerima to hold a concert for his band. Together with his cousin, Mako (whom he has a crush on), Ichiro, and Pandaikon (a panda he found in his yard that resembles a daikon), they strive to make money any way they can, and in the process, rid the world of evil-doers and steal their money in the process. With help from a rental guy, Nabeshin, who rents them outrageous items that always seem to help them defeat the bad guys, the Nerima Daikon Brothers sing their way to victory but always manage to lose the money they stole in the end. Even under the investigation of Inspector Karakuri, they never fail to fight for justice the Nerima-Daikon way.” – My Anime List

A Perfectly Imperfect Musical Anime Complete With Catchy Music! I just stumbled across this one, because it was a dub I’d heard was good. That was an understatement! The lost time it took for me to watch this, I really wanted to throw away more of my time once it ended. It was a fun ride, but now that it’s over, it’s time to review! With an old school Jazz/Rock style score, it resonates to every portion of the show. But this is for the dub, because it is far better than the sub for anyone who speaks english! The songs are sung in english… does that wet your knickers?

I will review based on a number of factors:

  • Portrayal/Appeal
  • Visual/Sound
  • Speed/Coherence
  • Character/Story
  • Moral/Point
  • Age Rating/Length
  • Dub/Sub

This Gang can be literally seen as a Gang!

Portrayal/Appeal: Old School Musical For Grown Ups!

I like Jazz. I also like Metal. I’m pretty much a music for anything! Maybe except dubstep and new age country. Luckily, they put in more old age country comedy nudges! Whoever has a soft spot for dirty comedy and music… or in music- with a boat load of classic dastardly shenanigans for cash will love this anime- that can only be called that because it was made in Japan! There are little references to Japanese culture and are many puns of American Culture- mainly the complete southern and Washington D.C. fronts!

Almost every 5 minutes you get a song, most are repetitive, but they have different lyrics to make you laugh! To me, there is no reason why you shouldn’t watch it anything for cooky fun and giggles! There are also points that don’t let up and keep pounding your funny bone! Through an entire episode, I couldn’t stop laughing!

Visual/Sound: Drawback!

This is where it gets fuzzy… do you like meta-comedy about the art style of the show itself? The aspect ratio is not high definition, but the drawing is so simple, there isn’t really any need for it to be good. The visuals themselves can be seen as cartoonish- something that would come on Adult Swim or something.

Music is the main premise of this show and the dub really does take liberties. Not only that, the voice actors sound genuinely hilarious and have accents according to their demographic. They sing… well, not so good starting out to any ears, but after you get to know them from the first few episodes, they get better and understandable! So yeah. Don’t think too hard while watching this though… it won’t make any sense!

Speed/Coherence: Each Episode A New Adventure

The first 8 episodes are to present the characters in a very fun way while still having an overarching story line of them trying to build the dome. While the last 4 are about that dream getting to each of their heads individually and creating a strained relationship- they’re all cousins by the way!

You don’t watch this for coherence… at all! They even mention that in the credit’s song! Trying to fathom every single thing that goes on is stupid- this is one of those shows that you watch to let your brain melt after a long hard day- they mention that in the credit’s song too!

Character/Story: Lovable, Weird, and Dastardly

Okay, The Panda Has Captured My Heart!

Okay, The Panda Has Captured My Heart!

So these Three wanna build a dome to perform their live shows in. This leads them to try to get as much loot as possible, often resorting to stealing- which never works because they always get screwed in the end. Hideki, the main character who owns the Daikon farm- basically a winter radish of sorts- has his cousins and Pandaikon- a cute panda that looks like a daikon- along with others, to assume the goal of creating that dome by any means necessary! “Any means” means “ANY MEANS”!

Mako is the girl of the group and has a very southern accent- in which an entire 15 minutes was dedicated to a white trash smack down with another character. She often says things that are definitely not safe for kids, but can never get over the love her cousin, Hideki, has for her… incestuous love? Nope- one time she said this line in a song talking about an engagement ring.

“Hideki. Here is my ass, because it’s what you and your ring are kissin’ for acting so crude and crass. And don’t think I don’t know- your ring is just glass!” – Mako

She also gets into weird predicaments of the sexual kind, often demanding money to waste for both booze and men from Hideki’s wallet. She is constantly called a “whore bag”.

Ichiro is probably my favorite- and to a lot of other characters. He is not the most dramatic- in fact he is not dramatic at all! He is so cool under all pressure- even keeping a straight face while getting… I’ll let you judge yourself:

Yeah, this is the first episode, too!

Yeah, this is the first episode, too! And Yes… that is a Man!

Yep- it is what it looks like! But being a Night Boy- basically where people pay for your company- not “services” some of you are thinking about, but really just being near them acting submissive! He is the number one in the night club Blue Heaven… hey, I remembered something! (^v^) But his eyes are what gives him his allure! He also has a good voice!

One character to mention- the “Rental Guy” is universally known to be “Nabeshin”, the well-known nickname of anime director, Shinichi Watanabe. Watanabe himself is notorious for inserting himself into anime using his character, Nabeshin. He is the Deus Ex Machina of Excel Saga! All of Nabeshin’s roles is voiced by Brett Weaver in the English dub. That’s confirmed!

All these characters are swindled and then get back at everyone who swindled them into submission! This is all about money!

The story itself is very little- as with a lot of Shinichi Watanabe’s anime directions- and more focused on the humor aspect of the jokes- that can be very crude and blush inducing!

Moral/Point: Karma’s a Bitch!

There is no point to this, other than getting back at others in out of the box ideas, and some that could be considered illegal… like, stealing a helicopter and firing gatlin bullets at someone illegal! This really is not to be taken seriously- so don’t do anything you see them do at home… well, maybe except dancing- no, wait, I take that back- some dances you should not perform!

Age Rating/Length: TV-14/12 Episodes, 25 Minutes Each

Let’s just go through something here:

Rape is said many times to have a joke on the sexiness of others! It’s really not to be taken seriously- so don’t get offended. It’s just meant to make you say, “OH GOD!” and then feel bad for the characters.

There are many sexual innuendos kids may not understand. The songs themselves are filled with crude humor! There are a bunch of “Bitch” thrown around- which I dunno about you, but I find hilarious! Especially within the context of some things, like a daikon on the crotch!

There is also mention of a “Cosmic Erection” that is not shown- but something I’m glad they didn’t show!

And to finalize the most dirtiest joke in the show- something about “ball-less c*ck”! Yep… and the detective lady is bleeped out for saying, “You can suck my hairy ****!” which is obviously “c*nt” but that is a word you cannot say on TV at all, so there you go! Dirty humor! Yay!


(O3O) – O-okay!

Dub/Sub: Dub- Unless You Don’t Know English

Dub is best for maximum funny in an English speaking home!

Final Rating: 7/10 Stars

The amount of time and effort put into this makes up for the poor quality visuals and sour notes. But that’s the way it is supposed to be! It’s not perfect in every way and some songs got on my nerves about a woman’s love affair with a sushi roll, but that is her personality conflicting with my own- this is music, not everyone will like the same thing! But I can say this- that “Money” song in every episode is stupid catchy! The amount they owe must be in the millions! You even have references to Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley, BB King, and other great musicians and songwriters of that era!

So before you buy, here’s a portion that is one of my favorites at quality I watched it in: Edited for time and space!


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