Extol Anime Review: RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne


You are entering into a very adult oriented anime! By continuing, you clarify that you are more mature and welcoming than most others! By continuing, you understand that this is a very mature anime- not exactly porn or otherwise! Thank you for heeding my words!

For normal people, getting stabbed to death would constitute the end of the road. For Rin Asogi, it’s a mere inconvenience. Rin is immortal, a nice perk to have when you’re a private detective constantly finding yourself in dangerous situations. Rin has eaten a ‘time fruit’: a fruit from the guardian tree Yggdrasil, which, when consumed by a woman, makes her unable to die. Rin’s immortality doesn’t stop others from trying to kill her, of course; over her long lifetime she has been shot at, cut up, maimed, tortured, and suffered countless other violent deaths. This time, it’s different. The year 1990 sparks the beginning of a series of events in Rin’s life that sends her spiraling towards her fate. Someone is hunting down immortal women like Rin, and Rin’s life may be in actual danger.

Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi spans 65 years in Rin’s life, during which she watches those around her get old while she herself remains unchanged. Higher forces are after her, and Rin must use every means at her disposal- or her next death may just be her last. And it all begins when she goes searching for a lost cat, but finds the amnesiac Kouki Maeno instead…” – My Anime List

This was a random anime I watched on KissAnime for kicks! GOD (>…<) I was stunned, surprised, and… at first disgusted, but then I came around to loving the characters- mainly Rin herself! I feel for her so- she goes through so much, and in very disturbing detail! I don’t have to feel complacent about this- but I’m going to review my heart out here! So watch out for a beast releasing his bloodshed in your mind, because that beast is a new member! Extol!

Note: Extol is an alternative form of the soul that is rooted to creating an alternate glove of precision and ghast! I don’t have any concept art, but I do have words to describe! But that’s for later- just know that this guy was a cut piece from nature’s soul- the undomesticated part! Just get ready for a pretty hardcore entry in his review!

I will review this on a set scale:

  • Portrayal/Appeal
  • Visual/Sound
  • Speed/Coherence
  • Character/Story
  • Moral/Point
  • Age Rating/Length
  • Dub/Sub
The Sexiness Won't Last Long- if you consider gore Unsexy!

The Sexiness Won’t Last Long- if you consider gore Unsexy!

Portrayal/Appeal: Sex, Gore, Supernatural Fore!

Let me ask you, reader, a very serious question: Do you consider Nudity only as Sexual Tenacity?

Anyone whom answers “Yes” to that question is still immature! When you take a shower, you think of sex? Wow, then what happens when you tell your child to take a bath? You pervert!

Anyone Mature enough to say that Nudity is all natural and shouldn’t be a thing to get aroused about, is more mature than you could ever be! It shows disconnection from the perverse and actual sex between lovers or rapers!

Why would I go into this, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple to let you know that to watch this show, you need that kind of maturity! If you want to watch this without getting disgusted about the nudity parts, then you’re going to have to understand what nudity is outside your feeble mind. Did I arrest your kindness? Let out your disagreements, and I’ll show you the mark of your precious stagnation!

Yes, this show takes its toll on the Erotic Gore phenomenon, but it also goes into the futility of the human feeling of… well, futility! Or basically the feeling of having your control ripped from you, while everything creates a negative void of depression all in an attempt from the universe to destroy both you and your kin!

There is not much else to go on, other than that there are sex and gore and severe supernatural mythology set in yesterday’s, today’s, and even tomorrow’s time!

Visual/Sound: Anti-aliased and Great by Xebec

Take a ministry of blood and guts, add in a barrage of technical weapons and everything from needles to barbed wire sticking directly into a sensitive part of the body that you’d have a hard time watching, and you have this show! Sure, the art style is a little under grade and is sometimes anti-aliased like an unenthused artist, but they all add together to make a certain mood to the times that it shows!

Does this make you think about Sex? You Pervert!

Does this make you think about Sex? You Wretch!

Along with the visual portions, you have some really disgusting images of Rin and others getting their bodies mangled, shredded, and poked to oblivion and back- actually that is more literal than metaphorical!

When we talk about the sound- the screams are ear wrenching and perfectly placed! You feel their pain and suffering and that makes you glad you have a better life than that- as an immortal angel!

Also, allow me to rage on the beggining song! THEY COULD HAVE CHOSEN A BETTER SONG! It starts out pretty bad- like 1970’s grunge metal bad, with the singer having his voice over a guitar amplifyer- it sounds good on some things but that wasn’t it! But after like 10 seconds it takes a full frontal shift into an operatic metal piece that I found to be moving and very epic in it’s way! They could have done a better job with the first portion, though! Oh yeah, and it’s in english! Don’t get that very often.

Speed/Coherence: Rewatch to Understand!

Let’s face it, within the limited amount of episodes spanning 65 years from 1960 to 2025 it can get very confusing. Not only that- but the time between each episode is never shown but in flashbacks. That can be hard to follow, but it can also give some vast mystery until the end! It sets it’s speed in at least a mock on a drag race. It can get confusing- but since it’s length is high- after rewatching after knowing the ending, I finally realized what a lot of what they spoke about and did was in sense.

The problem is, not very many people will rewatch, so that may be a reason to rewatch it.

Character/Story: Intimate in Gore

Take a look at a body part that could be considered both sexual and unsexual at the same time! A woman’s breast is a good example- Demosthenes would probably say the nape of her neck, but we’re not that weird here now are we? Instead of taking a random woman’s breast, let’s look at Rin’s breast- which is nude on the first blu-ray disc! She uses it as a sexual device, yet she gets tortured for people targeting them! Her nipples get punctured by a needle, then a nail, then a knife, then a grenade, then a pole, then an airplane blade- and others get their breasts ripped off from that sadistic ass of a devil, Apos!

Ow, That was my shoulder... Ass!

Ow, That was my shoulder… Ass!

Let’s look at Rin- okay, I fell for her instantly. I have an affinity for long-green-haired-women-with-voluptuous-melons! Name me an anime that a woman with long, green hair that doesn’t have a big rack! Everything from Pani-Poni-Dash to Ai Mai Me, go ahead! Rin is very earnest and caring as an immortal woman, which gives her appeal. The problem is, for medieval folks, she is comfortable in her sexuality and is inherently bisexual! She has a sex scene with a woman that trades sex for information, which is kind of sexy- but after seeing them 60 years later- just a glave! She also tells specifically that she doesn’t want to get too close to men because any man that eats a time fruit will want to devour her, and she would want the same! An immortal and an angel’s relationship is hard to understand. Rin is also prepared to die severely, and when she gets back up she just shrugs it off as a past event- she doesn’t dwell on too much! That’s what makes her sexy and a perfect woman and immortal in my mind!

Now let’s look at the smaller, yet petite Mimi- that is almost entirely homosexual- and may have a hint of bestiality as well! Don’t get me wrong, Mimi is a small girl that has wriggled her way into my heart, mainly because she also has a sex scene with the same woman’s assistant, but also that she isn’t afraid to whistle secrets that could really destroy the entire cultural balance of earth! Mimi is still a very girlish girl, but she also has a very mature mind- putting the moves on Rin in front of anyone and everyone- while still getting embarrassed about morning wood buried within some pants! She’s cute and witty… that’s established!

At risk of sounding slanted, I loved Kouki! He’s genuinely a nice guy, and has a certain charm that creates an image in your mind that says that Rin and Kouki should search love! I’d ship it! Only after knowing what happened will you feel sorry for him and her!

Enough about the characters, they grow in some ways, but the story is very intricate!

Mnemosyne is a mythological Greek Titan of Memory! As with everything, Zeus planted 9 seeds with Mnemosyne to create the Daughters of Mnemosyne- as the name of the anime proclaims. These include every form of artistry, from poetry to astronomy! This means Rin, Mimi, Apos, and every other major player are Muses of Art- under their Mother of Memory- or better known as Yggdrasil, the tree of Time that connects The Nine Worlds- or in this case, The Nine Muses! The story is extremely poetic if you know what to look for!

Horror Fact: Mnemosyne is synonymous of the Greek name, Nemo- which means “Forgotten”! While Syne meaning a form of the word “Personified”! So you can guess that this means their Memories are Forgotten but Personified! Also, Yggdrasil is specifically a large Sycamore Tree!

Moral/Point: Don’t Expect to be Unending!

The show really explains and details that even the immortals have things they lose. Change comes always, and even in Heaven, and even in Hell, things will eventually change naturally! Not many people will like that, and some people abhor it, but we as humans must adapt and accept for our Heaven, and deny for our Hell! Accept to find peace within Hell! Adapt to find suffering within Heaven! We cannot escape this reality, even though we are just on the cusp of another, just outside our minds are the memories of centuries! As we are unable to attain, even with immortality!

Age Rating/Length: TV-MA+/6 Episodes, 45-60 Minutes Each

This is a unique anime as a mini series- but it really isn’t given that it is over 3 times the length of an original anime! The TV-MA+ rating is there because I, with my undomesticated self, would give it a NK-17 in America! You have bare tits, sex scenes, uncensored gore all over a body, unique death scenes, torture scenes, rape scenes, women dipped in liquid and placed as a throne for our Apos fellow, and Rin is repeatedly stripped nude- surprisingly in a non sexual way- from having her limbs severed! DAMN! It also used to be on Netflix, so there’s that! They’re pretty strict on nudity over there!

But they never show any nude genitalia- or at least those that have genitals! Because that’s forbidden even in Japan! There are laws in place that only censored lower quadrants can be shown on TV! Makes those cable channels in America look ghastly in comparison!

Well... she's technically right!

Well… she’s technically right!

Dub/Sub: Both Are Individually Unique!

The Dub creates a sense of acceptance in dread, while the Sub is more into the actual sensations of pain and sex! The dubbed Rin is sexy, don’t go and tell me I’m wrong, but the subbed Rin has a more sensual tone in her voice. Do my words reach your understanding?

Final Rating: 8/10 Stars

As a way to understand that this was poetic gore! The end is neither a Comedy nor Tragedy in the Shakespearian terms. It creates a damaged view of what the world is, and if you can get past all the horror to find the little things that make you happy, even though those little things may be disgusting to some people! Like your sexuality! We are all humans! And seeds are created from men- and ingrained in a woman! But as Yggdrasil, the tree of life, impregnates the human with its fruit, creating the neverending mortality, it leaves you confused and makes you wonder if this actually makes any sense!


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