“Kings Take Heed” – Poem #NationalPoetryDay

To be or not to be

This kind, gentle seed

To be or not to be

This old, greedy fiend

I found this path

Along this taken road

So many lost

And their broken abode

Ride into the street

To find them at my feet

What have I done?

I should’ve been the one

Martyr me

An ideal captured in truth

God save me

I can’t take or refuse

I ruled the kindest land

No one despised my hand

I was paraded along my way

Into war, I remember the day

The battle was too far gone

The blood eclipsed the dawn

I lost my footing

And bowed to the sound

Of my head cracking on the ground

There I lay

I soon decay

Just as my army

Died before me

I left no one to rule my son

I walked with him without limit

At the mercy of the Holy Spirit

And thus, I saw him grow

Just like me

But before I had the chance

I saw him second glance

Upon the land

After my death

It was destroyed

But all that I’ve left

Was all a ploy

My subjects

Why must you grieve?

You broke at my passing

And paid for my casting

So much, from what I can tell,

That our economy fell

I heard my son decide

My rule was just a lie,

“A decade’s worth of play

Means nothing has will to stay!”

And thus, I cried

His legend was cruel

Throughout, everyone gruel

Hanging in the street

Was just to form deceit

But those bodies were real

His subjects revered

Yet something was cleared

Their fire was brighter than they appeared

Confused, I ask my Lord,

“What makes them trust the sword?”

Simpler words were never spoken!

“They are broken!”

Those ruling for the now

Will come to learn this rand

That all you’ve lain down

Has become a tower of sand

Those ruling for the future

Will come with a greedy tone

That the hard truth to quencher

Has become a tower of stone

Thus the Ideals of Truth

Thus the Truth of Ideals

One is clever

Yet one is forever

Love does not rule the never

And the broken carry on forever

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