If you noticed that this website was down and looked bland at one point, it was because I was transferring from one server to another. I will explain the details… My web server used to be with Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix server, which was near perfection when I first started almost […]

[UPDATE] Server Change on MAV.moe

Ok, so this one will be a doozy over here, so bear with me. I wanted to start this in light of a realization I’ve had recently- now here me out, what I’m going to tell you isn’t what this video is about, but what hit home with me and how […]

My Anxiety of the Future

Welcome to a new segment, DemostheNEWS– for whatever news I wanna talk about! Mostly having to do with YouTube though… Let’s Talk About PewDiePie: One thing should be noted before we continue, PewDiePie is a YouTube Creator that has well over 50 million subscribers! As a YouTuber myself, I obviously […]

The PewDiePie Vs. Media Debacle – DemostheNEWS

Yes, I did! You can check me out here: https://www.patreon.com/vocaloidemo I know I may seem distant over here, with the not being here much anymore and all, but I’m trying, I’m trying! To be absolutely fair- none of you have ever commented before, either! So it’s not entirely my fau- okay […]

Wait A Minute… Did I Make A Patreon?