Philosophy of RIN – Daughters of Mnemosyne

WARNING: Intense Philosophy!

Hot damn it’s done! God mark it! Sawbat takes the reigns as the creator of this series, I just edit it!

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About The Show:
RIN Daughters of Mnemosyne is a 6 episode long anime mini-series that runs around 45 minutes a piece. Sawbat goes into extreme detail about the philosophy of sex, eroguro, and immortality of the mess. Mnemosyne was a Titan from Nordic Mythology, so you can guess it has a deep understanding of the supernatural- with lots of grotesque death. It is considered Shoujo Ai… or Yuri- I forgot which one honestly! So if you love the complicated drama of life, death, and afterlife… check it out on fair warning:

It’s Brutal!



Sawbat here with a new point of fear for all you overcooked muffins of adult content! Yeah, overcooked means you’re mature! Demo’s out in some very serious business…

Anyway, I’m Sawbat, as you know, and I was just sitting on the couch watching some Wisecrack and got a super honkin’ idea that would make every anime fan that is a philosopher splooge his/her/its panties!

This is going to be a mini segment along with everything we do! We won’t delve on the science portion of anime, so no stupid numbers, but we’ll focus on the philosophical background to some of our favorite anime! Today, I wanted to come out with this one because this made my mind wretch in horror and fascination!

Today we’ll start with a small show, but not by story, RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne!

Fair warning, this is basically torture porn for some people- but since it’s YouTube, we won’t show that stuff! I’m going to show you the majesty behind this story, because what you see, will only be what you get! I mean that in an understanding sort of way! You see what you understand, will only be what you understand- everything else will be overlooked or confusing- let me help you- I’m smart, I read. I was one of those wheels of Ezekiel in the Bible- but it turns out I was just sleep erupting!


RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne is classified as a mini series that takes its premise and prowess in torture and sexuality! Ero-Guro isn’t something Demo watches, but he’s got a strong enough stomach to watch this while eating some steak! Oh, and spoilers!

Rin, as the name proclaims, is the main character who is immortal. How she got this way was in 1960 when she swallowed a Time Fruit from a giant tree that no mortal can see called Yggdrasil! These names are going to be important so keep them on your brains!

These Time Fruits turn Females into Immortals, and Males into Angels- who seek to literally devour Immortals in sex and cannibalism! There is also very important!

Rin- that Demo got infatuated over- as a private investigator for a place in Japan, has an assistant called Mimi- that I kinda got infatuated over! I know what you’re thinking- but I swear it’s more about the hair and not their boobs! I like a woman comfortable in her sexuality!

Okay, so we start off with Rin trying to find a cat, but finds an amnesiac instead! This kid, Kouki- like what a krabby would say *krabby*- asks Rin to help him, which he soon finds out very devious plans in a factory! This has little to do with the philosophical standpoint, so I’ll save you the spoils!

By the end of the first episode, Rin gets blown up, cut up, stabbed, shot, and impaled- all in the span of 15 minutes! Don’t worry she’s immortal!

Later on, Kouki joins them and has some serious dilemmas with an Angel- in which Rin spills everything right there on the balcony!


Well, okay then! After that, we find out that a guy called Apos, sent him to lure Rin somewhere!

I wanna just take a few minutes to focus on Apos in the story for a minute! This guy is a sadist beyond only what serial killers can understand. He’s also a womanizer- or… wait, what’s it called when he’s a womanizer but tortures only women? He just eats men, but he plays with women!

(Men and Women are killed by this demon! Don’t let him drink- let alone drive!)

Hey, hey, hey- get that dank meme off the screen!


Let me ask you a very serious question: Do you consider Nudity only as a Sexual Tenacity?

Anyone whom answers “Yes” to that question is still immature! When you take a shower, you think of sex? You pervert!

Anyone Mature enough to say that Nudity is all natural and shouldn’t be a thing to get aroused about, is far more mature! It shows disconnection from the perverse and actual sex everywhere between love and rape- maybe even necrophilia!

I mean, yeah, looking at bouncing melons or pulsing muscles could get anyone aroused, but think about it! Is it the boobs or muscles themselves, or just the imagining of what that person is like to have such an appealing set of pecks or buns- this goes for both sexes?

Yes, this show takes its toll on the Erotic Gore phenomenon, but it also goes into the futility of the human feeling of… well, futility! Or basically the feeling of having your control ripped from you, while everything creates a negative void of depression all in an attempt from the universe to destroy both you and your kin!

There is not much else to go on, other than that there are sex and gore and severe supernatural mythology set in yesterday’s, today’s, and even tomorrow’s time!

But let’s face it, within the limited amount of episodes spanning 65 years from 1960 to 2025 it can get very confusing. Not only that- but the time between each episode is never shown but in flashbacks. That can be hard to follow, but it can also give some vast mystery until the end! It sets its speed in at least a mock on a drag race. It can get confusing- but since its length is high- after rewatching after knowing the ending, I finally realized what a lot of what they spoke about and did was in sense.

Yep, we’re talking about sex here- but it informational sex YouTube, we got information to make it beneficial to everyone! This is both art and humanity! Pretty bad when YouTube is less mature than You!

Sex is a very touchy subject in America, for some reason we all do it!

Looking at sex we see our relationship with life and death as well! To echo my creator- a wizard from 20,000 years ago- Birth, Bang, Bend, in that order! The 3 B’s of Existence!

A big reminiscence of Birth to Bang from a cat- innuendo for youtube- you came from it, now you go back in- in a different way but stay with me!

Now, do it backwards from Bend to Bang! A foreshadowing of death from a raging heart grown tired, even though during the Bang your heart may have been just about as raging as when just minutes before the Bend, or death!

Blood is a physical, metaphysical, spiritual, mental, metaphorical, and synonymous to all life, sex, and death!

Let’s look at Rin. Demo has an affinity for long-green-haired-women-with-voluptuous-melons! Name us an anime that a woman with long, green hair that doesn’t have a big rack! Everything from Pani-Poni-Dash to Ai Mai Me, go ahead! Rin is very earnest and caring as an immortal woman, which gives her appeal. The problem is, for medieval folks, she is comfortable in her sexuality and is inherently bisexual! This is also important!

She has a sex scene with a woman that trades sex for information! She also tells specifically that she doesn’t want to get too close to men because any man that eats a time fruit will want to devour her, and she would want the same! An immortal and an angel’s relationship is hard to understand. Rin is also prepared to die severely, and when she gets back up she just shrugs it off as a past event- she doesn’t dwell on too much! That’s what makes her sexy!

Now let’s look at the smaller, yet petite, my girl, Mimi- that is almost entirely homosexual- and may have a hint of bestiality as well- there’s always hope for me! Don’t get me wrong, Mimi is a small girl that has wriggled her way into my heart, mainly because she also has a sex scene with the same woman’s assistant, but also that she isn’t afraid to whistle secrets that could really destroy the entire cultural balance of earth! Mimi is still a very girlish girl, but also very tsun- putting the moves on Rin in front of anyone and everyone- while still getting embarrassed about morning wood buried within some pants! She’s cute and witty… that’s established!

Why is this important? Well, Greek Mythology tells us specifically why this is important! But let’s look at the name first-

RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne!


Mnemosyne is a mythological Greek Titan of Memory! And as with everything, Zeus unzips his panties and plants 9 seeds within Mnemosyne to create the Daughters of Mnemosyne- as the name of the anime proclaims. These include every form of artistry, from poetry to astronomy! This means Rin and every other of those women from Apos’ throne are a major role in this- under their Mother of Memory- or better known as Yggdrasil, the tree of Time/Life that connects The Nine Worlds (that Zeus also banged rather hard)- or in this case, The Nine Muses! The story is extremely poetic if you know what to look for!

Here’s another side note- Mnemosyne was often referred to as “Mneme”, which was another goddess’ name, but stolen! Mnemosyne was also born from Uranus… and Gaea- or Gaia, Earth! Check out that smug look on her face! Rather off putting for a titan!

Horror Fact: Mnemosyne is synonymous of the Greek name, “Nemo”- which means “Forgotten”! While “Syne” meaning a form of the word “Personified”! So you can guess that this means their “Memories are Forgotten but Personified”, like that lost cheeto you lost between the couch cushions- still there, just can’t find it! Also, Yggdrasil is specifically a large Sycamore Tree! I have one right outside our house!

The thing is, this show plays a lot with lost memories as well as lost life! At one point, Rin’s entire body gets shredded in a plane, but after some years, she came back with no memory! From a biological standpoint, it makes sense! When your hippocampus is completely destroyed, there go your memories too! As seen in this video from Film Theory, the same guy that runs Game Theory- MatPat goes in to say that the only way to kill Deadpool or Wolverine with their immortal rebuilding abilities, is to take out their memory! Makes sense doesn’t it!

Rin went a couple of years living a normal life- even getting engaged! Mimi went off to be a sex nun, and things lead to places and more death! So what is the philosophy in this?

The show really explains and details that even the immortals have things they lose. Change comes always, and even in Heaven, and even in Hell, things will eventually change naturally! Not many people will like that, and some people abhor it, but we as humans must adapt and accept for our Heaven, and deny for our Hell! Accept to find peace within Hell! Adapt to find suffering within Heaven! We cannot escape this reality, even though we are just on the cusp of another, just outside our minds are the memories of centuries! As we are unable to attain, even with immortality!

Arthur Schopenhauer echoes this, in admittedly less sex and gore, in some of his most famous philosophical stands,

“…a man never is happy, but spends his whole life in striving after something which he thinks will make him so; he seldom attains his goal, and when he does, it is only to be disappointed; he is mostly shipwrecked in the end, and comes into harbor with mast and rigging gone. And then, it is all one whether he has been happy or miserable; for his life was never anything more than a present moment always vanishing; and now it is over.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

This is even further carried by the fact that even immortals in the anime lose their senses and memories- but always forming new ones! Everything from the body dies, it’s just an extremely fast recovery rate. Immortality doesn’t mean that people will finally be satisfied!

Take God Mode on video games like Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto. They are less fun because we have no way of reaping the consequences of our actions! We’ll just grow bored eventually and switch to a new game- that’s why there are varying levels of difficulty and Demon Souls! I’m still playing you after 10 years, and still not done with you!

Being a God means little if you don’t have all the power! Many cultures and religions realized this, but none more so than Buddha and Jesus Christ and his gang of Prophets- Muhammad had a different philosophy that I won’t get into now! The whole point of life is to be a fleeting wind, and it is the need of everyone to leave a legacy, yet you will never truly die, just reincarnated- a different person than you were before- or maybe just bird- the philosophy is to accept that fate, that you will become anew even when you pass away!

If you think this doesn’t happen in physical form for all you nonbelievers in the afterlife, then you’re wrong because children do it every day! Could you say that you are exactly the same before you hit puberty? I say that, because really this is a rather mature anime- I wouldn’t let my 200 year old kid watch if I had one!


As a way to understand that this was poetic upchucking! The end is neither a Comedy nor Tragedy in the Shakespearian terms. It creates a damaged view of what the world is for the viewer, and if you can get past all the horror, sex, and gore to find the little things that make you happy, even though those little things may be disgusting to some people! Like your sexuality!


Oh, hey Demo, do you have any words for the end of RIN! 


We are all human!

And seeds are created from men- and ingrained in a woman!

But as Yggdrasil, the tree of life, impregnates the human mind with its fruit, creating the never-ending mortality!

It leaves you confused and makes you wonder if this actually makes any sense!

As all immortal humans are on the cusp of a separate reality, we all deride on only what we see!

What is immortality when your memories still fade?

It is yet a form of reincarnation that death will always linger in all realities!

And what of God? Death is something he could not recreate- because his reality he made birthed the nature we call life!

So, why, why do we volunteer to search for the meaning of life? When even the life knows that the meaning is to fade!

Fathom the end, and you’ll see that all life becomes one when we change a person’s life! Make it count for the end!

When the last human is left, Fate will teach them to be accepting and forcefully end this uniform entity volleyed as “MAN”!

Either insane or deeply understand, I count the past to form the future, with the present creating my life!

No one realizes that humanity itself… is STONE

Molten- as we change yet will always be classified as a rock!

Shifting in the force, yet eventually erased by our own time!

We die because we grow!

We grow because we die!

It’s time to accept the birth of your death!

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