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Let’s Talk About PewDiePie:

One thing should be noted before we continue, PewDiePie is a YouTube Creator that has well over 50 million subscribers! As a YouTuber myself, I obviously have an opinion on all of the crap that’s taken him and YouTube by storm this month.

Let’s take some very needed backstory here before we get into my opinions- basically, I’ll supply facts and then say my opinion on a matter, OK.


PewDiePie Dropped From MakerStudio’s:

MakerStudio’s is an MCN, Multi-Channel Network created by Felix, or PewDiePie!

MCN’s are basically YouTube Networks who supply promotion to your channel- they say they can get copyright claims off of your videos, but I’ve heard countless times that this is false and a lie. I’m not affiliated with any MCN, but I don’t intend to. You have to have certain aspects before you can be offered to join one. Be it 1,000 views a month, so many subscribers, you get the point.

MakerStudio’s were bought out by Disney a few years ago.

Now here’s where things get crazy, starting about a few weeks ago:

Disney dropped him from his MCN because of certain videos he has made over the course of his recent career. The reason? Anti-Sematic Jokes… No opinions yet, just facts. YouTube decided to follow suit and drop his YouTube Red series entitled “Scare PewDiePie” which I haven’t watched. Anyway, this is the gist of the foundation for this whole debacle.


PewDiePie Vs. The Media:

This is no laughing matter as of now. For some odd and peculiar reason, a bunch of online news sites as big as Wall Street Journal and Washington Post are portraying him as a “Nazi” and a “Hero to Nazi’s“- check it out:


As of now, that name has changed. As you can see, these are stupidly big names talking about this. They then go on to say that White Supremacists rally under his content. This notice led him to create a post about what his views were on that notion, saying that he did not condone those people’s support- stating it as misguided. So exactly what did he do that was Anti-Semitic?


PewDiePie’s Joke and Test:

You see, PewDiePie is a person of comedy, playing let’s plays, as I do, but has leaned more to Social Politics for comedy since reaching 50 Million subs. And why not, the guy has to do at least one thing different. So here’s the thing, there are a few videos where he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat and watching Hitler’s speech on his computer- if you want context, keep reading. The bigger thing, though, he was going through a site called Fiverr, a place where people will do anything for $5, and among other ridiculous things, he asked someone to write… now get this… “Death to All Jews” in a video that got them banned from Fiverr, leading to an apology from PewDiePie, and then those guys that did that thing got unbanned! So he essentially fixed his mistake.

But Disney caught wind of this and dropped him completely from his own MCN. He is now with The GameStation- his income was well over $3,000,000 a year for his Disney MCN- likewise, he get’s only a percentage as well as YouTube! This caused this backlash that I’m talking about now.


PewDiePie Vs. The Media Part 2:

For reasons not on my understanding, WSJ, Wall Street Journal, commandeered the revolt against him by supplying skewed facts which took his videos out of context, relating him to Hitler and Trump. This is basically what they did as they forgot to mention that the Trump hat and Hitler thing was for something to do with YouTube Heroes- that over 500,000 people disliked due to the fact people could “Mass Flag Videos”. The argument was that you could climb the ranks to get whoever you want off of YouTube, which is most likely what would happen.

Not a part of the original story, I’ve seen the YouTube Heroes thing and support almost everything except Mass Flagging Videos- but if that means I’d lose all the other perks, then so be it. I’m not willing to put a gun into the hands of people that hate a certain creator. And this is coming from someone who gets literally no hate online- maybe because he’s too small, or that he’s just too loveable… ok, I’m tooting my own horn, I’ll stop- back to the story! – Opinion

WSJ even released a piece on the matter yesterday

But I would be cautious about believing them- just a fair note that they got the last one wrong with missing context. – Opinion


PewDiePie’s Apology:


Watch this video with over 1,000,000 likes! Does that equal support or what?

Apology at 4:21

In this video, for those who can’t watch, he basically apologizes for his bad jokes- he even goes on to say that he isn’t that good of a comedian. But then, at the end, he tells the Media to try again at the defamation and then gets slightly emotional about all the people who supported him. So he really does feel sorry about what he did based on what he says…

And I feel he really does feel very strongly about his last few words to the media too! – Opinion

PewDiePie Vs. Media Part 3:

And then all the media fires back in opinionated pieces:

From Google News Tab

Is it just me, or does Journalism supposed to not be Opinionated unless it’s pointed out like I’m doing right now? Facts in normal font, opinions in italics, quotes in bold! – Opinion


What Will Come Next?

I don’t know yet- we will wait and see!


My Opinion Piece on PewDiePie:

I don’t think he’s a racist- at all. I don’t think he’s anti-semitic- at all. I don’t even think the MCN or YouTube think he is, either, but they are obviously distancing themselves from a person that could be the biggest individual next to a pop star. Videos are media, and I conform pretty well in that media- but I’ve got a ways to go. I mess up, I do stupid things, I also put some ads in very bad places and just completely ruin the mood.

And here’s my thoughts, Felix, using his real name, is a very swell guy. He’s donated to countless charities and done many events. He is one of the most popular YouTubers, and one that I watch, albeit only when I feel like it. I’m not an avid viewer, because I can’t even play video games anymore due to youtube and my websites and the podcast. There is no manual, and even worse, YouTube is not a transparent job description. Most rules are just so vague so a bunch of things become a gray area. He’s friends with other big YouTubers and it’s odd, they being the most popular, are some of the most kindest. I’ve marked my work around being kind, because that’s who I am, I take it from these guys and other smaller YouTubers who have been influenced by them.

My existence wouldn’t be on YouTube if it wasn’t for them. I’m thanking them. I’m not going to excuse certain jokes, because some are just bad taste like the “Death to All Jews” one. He didn’t really think about what would happen if they did do what he said, and they did. But as a very patient and forgiving guy who looks more at the good he’s done, (and if you come back and say he did a bad thing and should be punished, just keep reading) You really have to look at the intentions and actions, rather than just the actions. Courts do, why not us as those who supply taxes to the court.

Felix was trying to be funny- and he was pushing the bounds. Comedians do that, and you should probably get over it. At his lowest point, people still love him because he’s genuine. A star for all to become. Or at least for me and a couple other hundred thousand people.

And that’s what we as creators and fans must do. We won’t let people who don’t know our platform to tell us how to feel about a certain joke. And not to mention how bad of a light it can put YouTube in. It’s a platform for people to make lives. For people to have a voice. What can we do to protect Felix, PewDiePie? I don’t know, but we can’t let those that have no context to the situation get to us- or those that are smart.

The main thing is, they are just filling up space for ads. Ads are great- I make money off of them. But they can be incentives to just lie and write/upload/talk randomly about things you don’t understand. I upload crap gameplay’s and sometimes poorly informed Vocaloid videos. I get things wrong- and my community understands that and informs me of what I said was wrong. If I said something that was inappropriate, most people would point that out, and I would apologize with a note on the video! That’s the way it works with YouTube. It’s a democracy, the majority keep you in line, informed, and most importantly paid. Now, am I saying that all of this is for the money?

No, I’m just saying a steady stream of income is good for the subscribers for a number of reasons:

  1. More Uploaded Content
  2. Better Video Quality
  3. Diverse Videos
  4. Better Outreach
  5. Favorite YouTuber Doesn’t Go Broke

Funny enough, those are also the perks for the YouTuber as well. I’d say anyone who is genuine as Felix is about his content, looks at this list and says thanks to his viewers for their support. I know I do! I value every single one of them. And even those that unsubbed, I love you too.

The point is, we need to support PewDiePie with kind words and good mentions. A man can be very traumatized by drama of this scale- and it would be bad if he quit or anything else- though I doubt he would, seeing as YouTube is his only form of income now! But it’s still enough to pay his house and food- only 27,000 views and I have $10.

So here’s where I’ll end it. I will support any creator who has made bad content, as long as they did it with good intentions to be either funny or to spread a message they believe in. If you incite violence, then you just might get no protection from a bunch of people who feel the same way even remotely to the way I do.

PewDiePie is still alive and well. This is only a boulder in the road- just walk around it Pewd’s… there is like a cliff of fluffy supporters filling up the hill next to you so you can get across. We won’t abandon you… at all- and by the looks of your subscriber count, you’re gaining support! I think you’ll meet that 100,000,000 subscribers in absolutely no time! But what happens when everyone who uses YouTube are subbed to you? I think your life goals would be complete and you’ll just be doing whatever you want! If I had just 1,000,000 I’d be in perfect waters seeing as how I can survive on very little money- I have for over 3 years doing this website stuff, why not more?

Just know that I support all of my favorite people, fans, enemies, myself, and even those I don’t know if I feel they don’t deserve the hate they are getting, and if you’re with me or against me- put it in the comments, I’m curious on how this will turn out! If I did this on YouTube I’d get called out for using it for the clicks. Besides, this is easier and can reach non-youtubers!


This has been DemostheNEWS



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The Wall Street Journal Article #2 – Reply:

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