Understanding is Key


It’s Dangerous to Fap Alone!

Remember rule #1: If you’re going to fap, use a kleenex!

This is obvious, but sometimes it may seem lonely to sit and watch hentai with or without feeling the urge to “release”. So whether you are “releasing” or not, its best to have a kleenex next to you- but make sure you have those soft ones that won’t chap your specified area be it nose for the tears of loneliness, or your privates that may or may not need cleaning depending on your ultimate preference… you know what, this is actually an optional rule. I just love to snuggle with my kleenex box after the shows and fall asleep feeling content as ever.

If, indeed, you fap with friends… well, ok! Do whatever you want- not my cup of tea- or coffee- or soda- or water- or style- but it is something I NEVER want to try! You do you!

And if you choose to use a vibrator, or any other toy, it may come to a surprise to you that it may actually lessen sensitivity when you’re actually rolling in the hay! But ‘hay’, you just have to decide to wait or not. Not two seconds in on one time and BAM! The next month- yes I was satisfied for a month- I sat through 4 hours of trying to just get it over with, but nothing came close to that feeling. But when everything finally released, I realized that I may actually be an advanced bed warmer. Just pretend you didn’t read that!

Fap safely my friends!


Watch Smart and Safe!

So what  is the best way to watch Hentai? Contently, that’s how!

If you have anyone who does not agree with what you choose to watch, like nonconsensual intercourse, tentacles, or whatever other apeshit you watch (Neko is my personal favorite… Yeah, I know it’s like bestiality, but with Neko’s they come attuned with the cuteness of a kitten and the sexy body of a girl- so much moe cuteness! Don’t Judge!!!)- So if no one in your household approves of such works of art (I use that word objectively), I suggest watching deep inside a metallic military/apocalypse bunker safe that has soundproof walls so that you can scream along with the show (yes, I do that)!

If you watch with friends, I suggest that you do not get too involved in the “porn” aspect of the show, because you are friends (hopefully not enemies- that gets weird (been there!)) and “porn experimentation” can ruin that fragile thing you bare. Remember that Hentai is a fantasy, and fantasies are not meant to come true- dreams are though- if it’s your dream to warm the bed of a maiden or warrior of whatever show- then you have some problems!

Seek Help Only If You Need It!


Consider The Following!

“I am a girl!”

Me: I am not, but let us guys not forget that women watch Hentai too- a woman even introduced it to me! (Hey my angel, if you’re reading this… thanks baby (^~^)

“I like Yaoi! But I’m a guy!”

Me: Good for you, I don’t judge about whatever you want to watch. Hell, I don’t know you personally. Now, if you’re straight and worrying about your sexuality, this really doesn’t mean anything- does it mean when I watch someone get brutally murdered and necrophilia commences that I want to go out and find a dead body and mate with it?… Not entirely!

“I use Hentai as a source of encouragement in bed!”

Me: Damn bro or brodette, you must have some low self-esteem or crazy friend you’re sleeping with- if in fact you are having intercourse- I’ve slept with a woman before without doing that, (No not anyone in my family, gutterbug!)

“Hentai fills a hole in my heart! 🙁 “

Me: Echo me from 2 years ago! But now that I know I have worth- ergo, messing everyone else’s up- My life is pretty content as long as my depression doesn’t set in again… Yes it’s clinical and detrimental to my own health and Hell is only something you wish for- IT IS THAT BAD!

“Am I weird that I’m attracted to anime girls?”

Me: I’ll cover that in a separate post, entitled: Law of Anime Attraction