Wait A Minute… Did I Make A Patreon?

Yes, I did!

You can check me out here: https://www.patreon.com/vocaloidemo

I know I may seem distant over here, with the not being here much anymore and all, but I’m trying, I’m trying!

To be absolutely fair- none of you have ever commented before, either! So it’s not entirely my fau- okay it’s entirely my fault, don’t assault me, will you! If you want more, just say so, and put it in the suggestion box! It’s not that hard- just type, please… I need to know if people are actually reading my content!

I get assaulted with fake viewers everyday, is there ever going to be 1?


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About Demosthenes

As a random martial artist obsessed with the wonders of art itself, this self-made buzzlenut has an infatuation for Vocaloid! Along with Video Games, Anime, Manga- or any form of media really, this dude takes his psychology to the next degree! As in Associates Degree!

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